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Whether it be installation of herringbone parquet, planks or bespoke hardwood flooring, at Passion Floors we gains enormous satisfaction in being a part of the transformation. Our craftsman  takes great pride in treating every floor as if it was their own.

Wood floors can last for the lifetime of your home, so you want to choose a professional who has the knowledge and skills to do the job right.


Floors can be laid over concrete, chipboard, plywood,  timber joists or battens, underlay or existing flooring.  Secured by either secret nailing (no visible nail holes) or using special, dedicated adhesive.

We are experienced installers of both pre-finished flooring and site finished flooring: Engineered wood, Solid wood, herringbone parquet, chevrons, wooden panels and special patterns. 

We follow the proper installation procedures to ensure the flooring materials are the correct grade, moisture content, and are fastened correctly to long lasting performance. We apply color matching wood filler to fill any gaps and joints.


If you are constructing a new house or are undergoing renovations your timber floor should not be installed until other construction activities (particularly wet trades) are complete.

We work with several quality hardwood suppliers and can offer a wide range of species, grades and board widths. If you have a requirement for a hard-to-find timber species, or want to match as close as possible to a timber species already existing in your home, we are happy to try and help you track it down.


Each species of hardwood has its own characteristics in terms of hardness, durability, affordability, tone and features. We can work with you to find the perfect timber for your home, investment or business space based on your preferences. 


The supply of timber types and various grades depends on the availability and processing of product from our various suppliers and their mills. We endeavour to find the perfect timber for you, however it is not uncommon for our suppliers to experience shortages in some ranges, so at short notice it may not be possible for us to provide what you may be after. 


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